Proofreading Help For Graduate Students ( PhD Writing Software )

As a graduate student myself, and somebody that struggled with writing, I thought there had to better options for proofreading help for graduate students. After investigating different websites that might help graduate students for proofreading, I did not find anything.

I think writing is the most important skill that us underrated for graduate students. We expect graduate students to write well, but then we do not give them any skill development tools to help them write.

We also then shame them when PhD students choose more creative, and gray market ways of writing their papers.

Thus, began my journey at building a sharing economy proofreading site.

How does work? As long as you help out other people, you can get proofreading credits for free proofreading. You can also convert these credits to money if you are good enough.

There are always struggles with building the proofreading site, but it is slowly getting better as I add more functionality, and make the proofreading system more reliable.


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David Maslach is a research professor of entrepreneurship, innovation, and business strategy, I discuss topics, such as behavioral science, strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and apply these to my new peer proofreading and editing platform. Topics include the sharing economy, altruism, investing in technology, starting a business, and bounded rationality. My favorite videos pertain to incentives, goal setting, and learning from failure to drive behaviors such as weight loss, stopping telemarketers, creating novel technologies, and creating new movements. Peer proofreading and editing platform

A new platform where you can earn credits by editing other people’s documents. Use these credits to have your own work edited. If you do a good enough job, you can convert these credits to money.

The goal of the platform is to get people to ‘pay it forward’ and help other people out by creating incentives for people to give back.

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