COMPUTER PROGRAMMING | What is Program , Algorithm & Flow Chart ? | Computer Programming

In this tutorial students can learn “INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING.”

Computer programming:-

• A program has a set of instructions written in correct order to get the desired result.

• The method of written the instructions to solve the problem is called programming.

• Computer programs are written using one of the programming languages (FORTRAN,Basic C, C++ and so on).

Different programming languages:-

FORTRAN , ALGOL, COBOL , BASIC ,C, C++ , Java etc.

Algorithm:- An algorithm refers to step-by-step instructions written to solve a problem in a non computer language.
Algorithm of a program to find the average of three numbers as follows:-

1. Read the numbers A,B,C
2. Average (A+B+C)/3
3. Print average
4. Stop

Flow chart:- A flow chart is a symbolic or diagrammatic representation giving a suitable step by step solution of a problem.

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