Compiler Design and Virtual Machines Programming Books Collection Video [1 of 6]

I have been looking at videos on youtube of peoples LaserDisc / VHS / DVD collections and I thought I might make a quick video on what I like to collect. I like to collect books on computer programming. These are the books I have related to the topic of Compiler Design and Virtual Machines. This is Part 1

Books shown:

Compilers Principals Techniques and Tools
Writing Compilers and Interpreters a Applied Approach using C++
Writing Compilers and Interpreters a Software Engineering Approach
Modern Compiler Design
Linkers & Loaders
Crafting a Compiler 2nd Edition
Compiler Construction
Flex & Bison
Modern Compiler Implementation in C
Modern Compiler Implementation in Java
Virtual Machines
Engineering a Compiler
The Garbage Collection Handbook
Crafting a Compiler with C
The Compiler Design Handbook
Compiler Design: Virtual Machines
Language implementation patterns
A retarget able C Compiler design and implementation
Programming Language Pragmatics