Learn Python 3 for Machine Learning & Web Development [2019]

A complete 6-hour Python tutorial that takes you from novice to competent Python 3 programmer in no time. Includes exercises and a machine learning tutorial.
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This is my brand-new Python tutorial to learn Python programming from scratch. We start off by learning Python 3 language constructs and then we’ll build 3 Python projects involving automation, machine learning and web development. Make sure to complete all the exercises in this Python tutorial.

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📔Python Exercises for Beginners

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– Python Crash Course: https://amzn.to/2GqMdjG
– Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: https://amzn.to/2N71d6S
– A Smarter Way to Learn Python: https://amzn.to/2UZa6lE
– Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners: https://amzn.to/2Gs0koL
– Hands-on Machine Learning with scikit-learn and TensorFlow: https://amzn.to/2IdUuJy


00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:49 Installing Python 3
00:06:10 Your First Python Program
00:08:11 How Python Code Gets Executed
00:11:24 How Long It Takes To Learn Python
00:13:03 Variables
00:18:21 Receiving Input
00:22:16 Python Cheat Sheet
00:22:46 Type Conversion
00:29:31 Strings
00:37:36 Formatted Strings
00:40:50 String Methods
00:48:33 Arithmetic Operations
00:51:33 Operator Precedence
00:55:04 Math Functions
00:58:17 If Statements
01:06:32 Logical Operators
01:11:25 Comparison Operators
01:16:17 Weight Converter Program
01:20:43 While Loops
01:24:07 Building a Guessing Game
01:30:51 Building the Car Game
01:41:48 For Loops
01:47:46 Nested Loops
01:55:50 Lists
02:01:45 2D Lists
02:05:11 My Complete Python Course
02:06:00 List Methods
02:13:25 Tuples
02:15:34 Unpacking
02:18:21 Dictionaries
02:26:21 Emoji Converter
02:30:31 Functions
02:35:21 Parameters
02:39:24 Keyword Arguments
02:44:45 Return Statement
02:48:55 Creating a Reusable Function
02:53:42 Exceptions
02:59:14 Comments
03:01:46 Classes
03:07:46 Constructors
03:14:41 Inheritance
03:19:33 Modules
03:30:12 Packages
03:36:22 Generating Random Values
03:44:37 Working with Directories
03:50:47 Pypi and Pip
03:55:34 Project 1: Automation with Python
04:10:22 Project 2: Machine Learning with Python
04:58:37 Project 3: Building a Website with Django

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